FAT is the new Muesli: How I lost 16 Kg in just 8 weeks, Effortlessly - and got a holiday in Sardinia without spending a cent

‘No one ever lost weight by starting a diet. They

did it by persevering until they were successful.’

But how do you do that? Persevere. How do you

win against the old habits, urges and influences?

How do you respond and win over those inner

voices which say, ‘I can’t’, or ‘Just one more slice

won’t hurt’, or ‘I know I shouldn’t, but …’, or ‘Oh

well, I can always start again tomorrow’?

In Fat is the New Muesli, Warren Henry

describes how he lost 16 kilograms in just 8-weeks.

And did it so effortlessly he decided to keep going,

shedding yet another 8 kilograms. And, how he

has since kept it all off.

He explains -

• what he said to those inner voices to get them to help

• how humour, trickery, and self-deception can make

losing weight fun

• how to create new eating habits, simply and easily

• how to release the guilt, self-judgement and misery of


• how you too can lose weight without fuss, stress, or

even exercise

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